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What Are Ecofriendly Party Bags?

What Are Ecofriendly Party Bags?

Ecofriendly party bag fillers are exactly that!

Items that are purchased typically by parents to fill the obligatory guest party bags at the end of a party, that are predominantly plastic free. “Hooray” cry parents across the land – the majority of which, so it seems, have literally been wishing the day to come, when kids don’t come from parties carrying plastic bags full of small plastic toys and trinkets that are quite frankly small, nasty and a complete waste of money.

Why choose ecofriendly party bag fillers?

As a token gesture, party bags are a lovely idea. And we cannot deny that children rave over them and have come to expect one at every party they attend. However, no sooner than seconds after they have raided the contents, piles of plastic form a mound on the kitchen table, never to be looked at again. These items contribute to the obscene amount of plastic waste that is cluttering our planet, which adds up significantly if you have a few children whose party schedule puts ours to shame.

So, if you have to be seen to be dishing out party bags, why not make them ecofriendly party bags? This could mean swapping our plastic toys for wooden or felt ones, a craft activity or even something the kids have made at the party itself - like biscuits or cakes (a single reason to host a kids baking party, if ever there was one!). You could even make something yourself – although this is easier said than done, for busy parents.  

Are plastic free party bag fillers expensive?

Plastic free party bag fillers are typically slightly more expensive than the cheap plastic throwaway items, but arguably parents seem to buy numerous small items for a party bag to look wholesome. Coupled with the sweets sprinkled on top for good measure, research from 2014 indicates that parents spend up to £5 per party bag on the typical plastic throwaway items.

We’ve picked out 6 ecofriendly party bag favours for under £5, which proves that you can invest in one key party bag filler for the same price, which let’s be honest, is far nicer than a pile of plastic rubbish and more likely to get played with or used. 

What are the most popular party bag fillers? 

The same piece of research found that notepads, books and jewellery were among the most popular party bag fillers reached for by parents. Notepads and books aren’t too bad at all as party bag fillers go, but the list also includes toys, action figures and mini puzzles.

Buying plastic free party bag fillers doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from popular items.

Wooden beaded bracelets that can be tailored to a party theme are eco-friendly and beautifully designed – ticking the jewellery box. Adding in some extra craft time by allowing kids to make the bracelet in the way they wish, extends the fun factor. If a child has invested time in making the bracelet, then they are more likely to wear it and therefore it lasts longer. When it isn’t wanted any longer, the components it’s made of, are completely biodegradable or recyclable.

And if you still need a party bag…

Make sure is it made or paper or fabric, so that is fully recyclable or re-useable. Paper party bags have seen a resurgence in recent years and with their traditional sweet shop appeal, can fit in with any party theme these days. You can also buy good looking fabric party bags that are re-useable and have long life appeal. Or why not have a go at making your own printed cotton or hessian ones.

6 Ecofriendly Party Bag Fillers For Under £5

6 Ecofriendly Party Bag Fillers For Under £5

Hats off To The Plastic Free Princess: All Hail Eco-Friendly Eugenie, The New Queen Of Green!

Hats off To The Plastic Free Princess: All Hail Eco-Friendly Eugenie, The New Queen Of Green!