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A Tropical Pool Party In Hebron Hall

A Tropical Pool Party In Hebron Hall

It’s been nearly two weeks since the Make It Pop party products made their debut at Hebron Hall for my daughter Phoebe’s 8th birthday party. Here’s how it all came together.

The Pool At Hebron Hall

Recently refurbished, the pool and it’s proximity to the cabin party room was a winning combination for a class party. Plenty big enough, clean and fresh, I was told about the pool by a friend earlier this year. It turns out that booking pool party in Cardiff for 8 year olds is quite tricky, as Cardiff International Pool offers parties from age 9.


As most of the class were frequent swimmers, when the request came for a ‘pool party’, the private pool party option at Hebron Hall seemed like a great idea. As numbers were so generous, it also meant that Phoebe could invite the class and friends outside of school.

We took with us our stash of holiday inflatables and borrowed more from friends. The kids seem to love messing about on these, and they were definitely the next best thing where no slides are concerned.

I thought the party package was great value as far as kids parties go - coming in at £150 which included two lifeguards, an hour and a half in the pool for up to 50 children, the party room for an hour afterwards and hire of the kitchen.

Creating A Table Top Tropical Oasis

Most of the setting up was done when the kids were in the pool, but the venue had no quibble when I asked to turn up an hour earlier to get a head start. Much to my delight the tables and chairs were fine to use alone as they were all in a great condition and all the same colour (a rarity for most village hall type celebrations!), but I did add a white paper tablecloth to create a fresh look. A mix of pastel and brights, the reuseable melamine tableware was alternated colour-wise. I added a twist of lemon on each cup and didn’t stop at one paper straw!

Anticipating a hungry bunch to emerge from the water, I made up pesto pasta bowls and added a simple cocktail umbrella to keep on theme. Wax paper squares added a finishing touch to the party plates and compostable wooden forks meant we were’t throwing out any nasty plastic ones afterwards.

Bamboo serving platters were also a great contrast the the bright colours.


Hawaiian Themed Party Food

When it comes to party food for eight year olds, many of them are still very much in the ‘fussy’ phase! I’ve made the mistake before in making up sandwiches with a more ‘exotic’ filling, for them only to feed the adults afterwards. I opted for mini white rolls this time, to give a ‘Hawaiian slider’ feel, but kept the fillings pretty basic!


I popped a small hibiscus flower hair clip on every plate, which allowed the girls (and the boys!) to get in Hawaiian party spirit.

Staggered throughout the tables on the pastel green cake stands were sunglasses clad pineapples and a colourful collection of fruit -which not only added height and interest, but provided a few more healthy options for lunch.

As there were a few leftover flower clips, they were added to the pineapple leaves for good measure!


To add some colour (and balance out the sugar), I served a pink platter of colourful vegetables with hummous which added to the tropical vibe.

Phoebe had requested doughnuts from The Gower Doughnut Co. and they were a huge hit! We are big fans in our house, and I ordered enough of their mini party doughnuts which were filled with blackcurrant jam and vanilla custard so that both the children and the patiently waiting parents could enjoy one with a cuppa!

And The All Important Birthday Cake

Thanks to Marks & Spencer, the birthday cake was bang on theme with a flamboyant flamingo sat on top of a tiered cake finished with gold and adorned with two pineapples. Coming in at £40 and feeding 30, I thought it was great value and included the personalisation.

The Verdict

As parties go, this was one of the most enjoyable ones the kids have experienced. At 2.5 hours, it was quite a long party, but it didn’t seem to put people off coming along. Swimming is often a Saturday activity anyway, so it just gave the kids a rare opportunity to splash about altogether! Hebron Hall offered great value for money in terms of party venue hire, and I’m sure we will see a lot more class parties repeated held there before the year is out!

Planning A Pool Party?

If you are looking for party inspiration for a pool party or something completely unrelated, and would like some help and advice, or someone to bring it all together for you, then please do get in touch.

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Hats off To The Plastic Free Princess: All Hail Eco-Friendly Eugenie, The New Queen Of Green!

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