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Move Over Plastic, The Party’s Over (and zero waste is, like, the best gift ever)

Move Over Plastic, The Party’s Over (and zero waste is, like, the best gift ever)

What parent doesn’t want to make their kids happy, both now or in the future? Helping our children grow into socially responsible adults is something we all aspire to, and most of us know that making it happen means the work starts now.

Plus, while there’s nothing new in making choices today with tomorrow in mind, when the next generation belongs to you it can somehow feel more important. Luckily for us (and even better for our kids) the fun they have today doesn’t have to come at the expense of their wellbeing in future - and making sure this also happens has never been easier either.

Because the sad fact of the matter is, we’ve gotten ourselves into some pretty bad plastic habits of late, and children are one of the root causes.

Think about your average birthday party, for example. What do straws, plates, cups, balloons, party bags and favours all have in common? Sadly, it’s no joke that the majority of those sold on the mass market today are often made partially, or wholly, from plastic.

And what kind of a gift is that to give our children, we hear you cry?

The answer is (of course) a pretty rubbish one. It turns out mass plastic production now not only affects other species on the planet, but that our eternal quest for convenience has quite literally come back to bite us. It was reported this week that mosquitos are ingesting microplastics which can be passed up the food chain, potentially risking the health of humankind in the process. Meanwhile, the market for single use party plastics now poses a threat so significant that the EU is considering banning single use plastic plates, drinks stirrers, cutlery and balloon sticks from birthday type bashes altogether.

Plastic plates, cutlery, drink stirrers and balloon sticks feature in the top 10 items that account for 70% of all marine litter.
— European Commission (July, 2018)

Not really something to be celebrated, is it?

Fortunately, there are loads of ways we can effect real change on the ground (or in the village hall, or at your local soft play) now. Hiring kids party tableware for your kid’s special shindig instead of buying all your bits and bobs new cuts down on any waste involved, and can also bring costs down too.

Hiring your table goods and/or hiring party decorations starts from as little as 10 pence per piece and means you can mix and match items to suit your individual theme. It also means everything you need gets delivered directly to your door - saving you the time and effort of trawling the shops yourself and minimising carbon wastage with a single trip in the process.

Bringing in decorations from suppliers also gives you the opportunity to try something a bit fun and quirky which you might not otherwise be able to source, or indeed afford to do (grass table runners anyone?).

And when it comes to party bag fillers, while we can’t single-handedly save the world we can at least do our bit by sending home toys which are less plastic and more fantastic (feel free to use our amazing Superhero Felt Masks for inspiration here by the way).

I guess what we’re trying to say is it only takes a few small changes to the usual party rituals we have become accustomed to, to make a big difference in the long run. With a bit of careful planning and some clever budgeting involved, we all have the power to be a zero-waste hero.

The question is, are you on the sustainable side too?

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