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Hats off To The Plastic Free Princess: All Hail Eco-Friendly Eugenie, The New Queen Of Green!

Hats off To The Plastic Free Princess: All Hail Eco-Friendly Eugenie, The New Queen Of Green!

If princesses be the stuff of fairy-tales then today’s version is not in the habit of waiting around to be rescued – not from global warming or any other kind of pollution, at least.

Quite the opposite, in fact. When it comes to the planet, the modern Royal is all for doing the saving themselves, it would seem.

Such is the case with the newly married Princess Eugenie of York, who has not only declared her home a plastic-free zone, but also insisted on running a wholly sustainable show when she wed Jack Brooksbank at St George’s Chapel this weekend.

The dress, the jewellery, the flowers, the cake, the castle – so many statements, so little time. And yet, for us, it was Eugenie’s desire to party plastic-free that packed the biggest punch of all.

Declaring her love for her new husband alongside her loathing for landfill so publicly was not just tenacious, it was timely too. As the conversation around mass plastic production reaches unprecedented volumes globally, Eugenie’s big day was (let’s hope) an important first nail in the coffin for nuptials everywhere else.

Sustainable campaign Sky Ocean Rescue has revealed that British weddings use around 20kg of plastic AT EACH CEREMONY. That’s the same weight as 47 Blue Whales produced collectively each year - just so UK couples can say ‘I do’. The biggest culprits seem to be plastic cups, water bottles, disposable decorations, gift bags, fake confetti and wrapping from table favours.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding came to show us all that true class doesn’t have to come at a price, ecologically or otherwise, and now it’s got everyone else talking about it too (everyone from Town and Country Magazine to style bible Vogue, no less).

And while it’s true most of us don’t have a back pocket quite literally the size of Britain to dip into when we get spliced, most publications covering the story have reinforced the message that eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean expensive.

For those of us working to bring sustainable party tableware options to the masses in a straight forward way, that’s been the highlight of this Royal wedding for sure.

Because the stark reality of the situation is, the true cost of sustainability – or a lack of it – is much, much greater than any monetary value that could ever be put into figures. According to the Bridebook app, two fifths of couples consider sustainability when planning their big day – but how many who vow to go through with it end up getting cold feet, we wonder?

Ultimately, when it comes to marking our own special occasions – be it a wedding, birthday party, christening or bar mitzvah – these figures show us so many more of us need to be saying a firm ‘I don’t’ when it comes to including plastics in any of these celebrations.

Which is why we can’t help but love Eco-Friendly Eugenie for bringing such an important issue to a spectacular fore at her nuptials this weekend. All hail the new Queen of Green!

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