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5 Ways To Kick Your Plastic Party Habits In 2019

5 Ways To Kick Your Plastic Party Habits In 2019

Make your party an eco-friendly one this new year.

We’ve been banging the plastic-free party drum for a few months now, but with the onset of a new year and the EU set to begin the ban on single use party plates, cutlery, drink stirrers and balloon sticks in 2019, we’ve highlighted five very easy ways to kick your bad plastic party habits and pave your wave to an eco-friendly party mindset:

1.  Ditch single-use plates and cups

When you opt for the convenience of paper party plates and cups (and let’s face it, it’s what we have always done when it comes to catering for children en masse) you aren’t really buying ‘paper’, but a laminated composite that prevents wet food soaking through them. The main party waste culprit, even the most hardened recyclers amongst us can think nothing of disposing of a whole party table’s worth of single use plates and cups into black bags once a kid’s party is over.

Did you know that you can now hire kids party tableware and serveware that is comparable with the cost of paper plates and cups? Sustainable, versatile and incredibly stylish, you can mix and match colours and patterns of party tableware products to fit your chosen party theme and have them delivered to your door.

2. Set a date digitally

With a shelf life of only a few weeks, written party invites are fast being replaced with digital alternatives. Save time, money and the planet with playful styles for email or phone from the likes of E-vite and Paperless Post.

3. Prolong the party decs

Choose wisely when it comes to party decorations and you can enjoy your decorative investment year-round. If you don’t fancy yourself as a craft genius or simply don’t have time to dedicate to ‘making’ before the celebration day, then fabric bunting is always a winner. Choose colours that will work in playrooms, kid’s bedrooms and nurseries long after the party the party is over.

4. Be a fussy foodie 

Serve up finger food, and you instantly eliminate the need for party cutlery. If you do need to reach for a knife and fork, make sure it’s of the wooden party cutlery variety and pop them in the compost bin after use.  

5. Free your party bags from plastic

Typically filled with plastic tat and numerous sweets that only keep kids occupied for a matter of seconds, party bags are the obligatory ending of any kids party. Use your party bag budget to invest in one sensible ecofriendly party bag filler that will be well-received and you’ll probably find that you spend less. Themed craft sets, such as make your own wooden bracelet kits, make lovely party bag fillers and reduce plastic waste. Hand them out in stripy paper bags or fabric party bags and they won’t only look great, but will be much kinder to the environment.

If you are looking for some ecofriendly kids party inspiration, then browse our kids ecofriendly party themes.

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