Looking for ecofriendly party tableware, but don’t want to compromise on style? Then hire our luxury range of colourful RICE melamine plates, cups, bowls and serveware and celebrate the demise of disposables.

5 Indisputable Reasons Why It Pays To Hire Kids Party Tableware

5 Indisputable Reasons Why It Pays To Hire Kids Party Tableware

If you’re planning a kids party, and looking for ways to reduce unnecessary party waste, then hiring kids party tableware is a great way to take a significant step in the right direction - without compromising on any of the fun!

With all the recent plastic press resulting in a welcome shift to avoid disposables where we can, the number of parents looking to host an eco-friendly kids party is (thankfully) on the rise. We’ve pulled together the top five reason why choosing an alternative to single-use party disposables, brings so many more benefits to your party table:

1.     It’s eco-friendly

The number one reason why parents need to change their kids party tableware buying habits is undoubtedly for the good of the planet. As a nation, we use far too many single-use, disposable party products – most of which are now listed within the single use plastics ban approved by European Parliament last Autumn. Disposable plates, cups, cutlery and drink stirrers feature on the list of the top ten plastic products that most often end up in the ocean. A warning sign to us all, that the convenience of each and every kids party, BBQ, and celebratory get together has had disastrous consequences.

2.     It looks SO much better than disposables do

Eye-catchingly bright, in a host of beautiful colours that stand out against any backdrop, high quality melamine is lifts the level of any party over and above disposables. The kids won’t fail to notice them, and better still, can share in the glory that their new way of partying has saved bin bags full of needless waste from entering landfill, or worse, the ocean.

Forget cups so flimsy they fall over, and plates that fold in two if any more than a sandwich is placed on them. Firm up and either invest in your own set of reusable melamine party plates and cups or hire all your kids party tableware instead - allowing your parties to evolve as your children’s tastes, party size and theme changes throughout the years. 

3.     It doesn’t cost any more

We’ve already done the maths and gathered together the comparative costs of hiring great kids party tableware, versus buying supermarket and ‘luxury’ disposables. To highlight a typical party hire scenario, if you were looking to hire party plates, cups and bowls for a class party of 35, you’d be looking at hire cost of £17.50 plus postage.

So, just what’s stopping you making your next party a sustainable success?

4.     It goes with any party theme

Whether you have a dinosaur party to contend with, need to rustle up a feast fit for a princess, or create a space party table that looks out of this world – you can be sure to find the right colours of melamine party cups, party plates, bowls and serveware to go with your party theme. Mix and match in whatever child-friendly colours take your fancy, to create a party style that is truly unique and impress your guests with something that stands out.

5.     You can hire everything you need, online 

Hiring kids party tableware and decorations is easy. As a busy parent, the practicality of preparing for a party means that it can often happen in the days before. Hiring china for a corporate event, or chair covers for a wedding, isn’t typically an instant process. Often dictated by locality and prices that aren’t always visible online, requesting a quote is commonplace. But parents don’t have time for that, which is why ‘Make It Pop’ has pulled together a host of versatile kids party tableware products that you can hire in an instant and that can be delivered to your door, wherever you live in the UK.

Need some party inspiration? Take a look at our party themes to get started.

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