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2019 Kids Party Theme Trends

2019 Kids Party Theme Trends

2018, also known as ‘the year of the unicorn’ – but what’s to come in terms of kids party trends in the next 12 months?

If the ‘Year Of The Unicorn’ was even a thing (we’re only about 89% sure it’s not to be honest) then it’s fair to say 2018 would probably have been it.

I mean, if our kids didn’t wear a horn for a head band, stuff their faces with conical cake or pin a tail on a mythical horse did they even go to a birthday party this year?

From plates and cups, to prettified pinatas and tassle-laden bunting tied to look like manes, some people believe the fairytale creature can fly too - and boy did it take off!

If we weren’t eating a unicorn or trying to look like one in 2018, it’s because we were too busy cuddling one, wearing one or riding one to care – well, most of us, anyway.

Others spent the year flamingo-ing mad for anything with the pink-plumed creature on it in a bid to make their party perfect.

Like its mythical counterpart, the blush-coloured bird retained its spot on every available table wear item going, following an already successful 2017 in the partyware popularity stakes.

A timely teaser for another 2018 trend, the flamboyant flamingo also left a trail of inspiration in its wake as a wave of fellow party planners unearthed a taste for the totally tropical this year too.

From fruity party picks to fluorescent floral bunting, this summer’s heatwave was not only felt in the warmth of the sun but at many a tropical themed children’s party too this year.

Elsewhere, a swell of supernatural shindigs also saw an army of Superheroes make it their mission to celebrate at kids’ party venues nationwide, as a theme particularly favoured by the boys this year.

But what will the next 12 months hold? Here are our prime party predictions for 2019:


If you thought pinning a tail on a Unicorn was wacky then get ready for 2019, when you’ll most likely be whacking a wagger on a woolly instead. Already a rising star in interior design circles, the popularity of the camel’s cousin looks set to soar in 2019 and beyond.

Mer-maid to party

It’s already made a splash this year, but we reckon the Mermaid theme could be making waves well into next year too. Now its mythical counterpart the unicorn has had its day, we think 2019 might just be the time for these sparkly swimmers to shine.

Princess Parties Mark II

With the release of the second Frozen movie pegged for November 2019, following the runaway success of the first film it’s pretty much a given that we’ll be falling in love with Elsa and her chums all over again. Get ready for princess dresses, crowns galore, and everything else that will help your little one revel like a royal.

Jungle Jollies

Disney’s Dumbo and a special feature-length film on jungle boy Mowgli are also predicted for 2019, potentially turning the kids party scene wild in the process. As if children’s party weren’t zoo-like enough - next year could well give them the perfect excuse to behave like animals, and all in the name of celebration! (Why not get ahead of the game with some funky Toucan Napkins?)

Floral Functions

Move over painting parties - word is the scents-ible thing to do is to book a flower arranging session in for 2019 instead. A gradual grower over the past few years, a rise in forest-themed festivities elsewhere has lent itself to a growing popularity for foliage focused functions too. Cut a long stem short, companies offering custom floral arranging parties are bigger on the kid’s party circuit than they’ve probably ever been.

Toy Soiree

The much-anticipated arrival of yet another family film favourite, ‘Toy Story 4’ in June 2019 means weekends could also see the kids attending a Buzz-themed bash, Woody-style wingding or a Jessie The Cowgirl jest-fest. After almost a decade in picture house hinterland, Toy Story 4 is back for another instalment. Cue a million and one ways to dress, eat - and inevitably party - like those loveable Pixar toys.

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So, whatever your chosen kids party theme, let our ecofriendly kids party theme ideas inspire your party table.

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