About Me

I love a party! More of a party planner than a party-goer, a passion for entertaining definitely runs in my family. Having my own children has allowed me to indulge myself in various party themes over the last eight years, and my obsession for sourcing beautiful party products has led me to Make It Pop.

Sadly, parties typically associate themselves with an awful lot of waste. Yes, disposable party wear is convenient, but shouldn't we all want to do our bit for the environment and seek out sustainable alternatives?


With plastic awareness at the front of people’s minds, I couldn't think of a better time to channel my energy into creating a sustainable party model that will offer everyone who loves to party, an affordable way to cut down on waste through the hire of high quality party tableware that has a price point on a par with the cost of disposables. Beautiful party decorations sourced so that they can adorn a bedroom or playroom afterwards, and ecofriendly party bags that have a shelf life of more than ten seconds. 

Themed 'Party-In-A-Box' options (coming soon) will help make life easier for any busy parent when it comes to pulling-off a party from beginning to end. Each box will also come with a detailed party schedule, shopping list and food ideas - so you won't miss a trick!

I hope you will enjoy browsing the site and find lots to inspire you on the blog.

And if you are looking for any party advice then please get in touch.

Laura x